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Welcome to snapclickaboom!

--Here you can post your (and only YOUR) best/worst/favorite/most hated photography.
--I'd like to keep the community at least a tad sophisticated. It's ok if you don't know what you're doing, but say it up front so us more experienced folk will understand/can give you helpful tips. (=

001. All work is your own, no exceptions.
002. Anything over 500 px needs to be behind a lj-cut.
003. Constructive criticism is welcomed, completely bashing is not and will result being banned.
004. Make entries Friends Only, please. I don't like thieves and I'm sure you don't either.
005. Everybody is accepted, but just to get to know you a little better fill out this application:

001. Name:
002. Age:
003. Gender:
004. Location:
005. Post 5 + photographs that you've taken:

What's behind the name?
Well, it's quite simple really. What happens when you take a picture? You snap/click and then KABOOM! You've got a masterpiece. (=

Happy snapping! =D